Information You Must Know About DEWA’S Bill

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority provides online payment services, allowing residents to pay their electricity and water bills online. These include several types of payment methods, so what are they? and how to manage DEWA bills?

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The difference between off-plan properties and ready-made properties

Developers offer easy-to-pay plans that extend beyond the delivery of the property, which make investing in off-plan purchases easier considering investors get a new completed property equipped with integrated facilities in an affordable price when compared to ready-made projects that require large liquidity for investors.

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Why Saving Money is Important in Our Modern Society?

To what extent do young people apply those popular proverbs that encourage saving in their own lives? What is the role of parents in educating their children about the importance of these values and how do they instill it in them? Also, what are the obstacles that prevent Arabs from adopting a savings approach?

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New rental regulations to be announced in Dubai

The Director General of the Dubai Land Department, Sultan Butti Bin Mejren said that the new rental regulations in Dubai are ready and he expects them to be promulgated soon. Bin Mejren added that the most important thing in the new law is fixing the rental value for a period of three years for all lease contracts.

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Rules of Successful Real Estate Investment

Investment is now one of the pillars of the economy and an idea that a mindset with powerful personalities and managerial wisdom can utilize as a source of livelihood since it can be more profitable.

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How Dubai Real Estate is Surviving from Covid-19

Despite the continuing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the global economy and the numerous challenges it poses to us, the real estate market in the U.A.E recently has witnessed a remarkable recovery, especially Dubai, So how is the market surviving?

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How to protect yourself from fraud investment?

Imagine that you wake up one day to a message informing you that huge amount of money have been withdrawn from your bank account because you responded to a fraudulent investment scheme! do not sulk and ignore the issue. Instead, take a deep breath and start planning before the fraudsters persevere in attracting others and falling into their nets. Rise and confront them in legal, educational, and awareness-raising ways, but how?

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investment fraud

Investment Fraud in UAE

The economic and commercial sectors are considered one of the most important districts that bear fruit for companies and people.  Despite being successful profit outlets for the country, they have had many problems that impede investors’ paths towards achieving their goals and objectives. Investment fraud comes on top of the list. Therefore, what is investment fraud and what are its types?

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